Rikki Montinola
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Relations Ligaya Montinola(Aunt)
Joy Montinola(Cousin)
Show Information
Portrayed by Rica Paralejo

Richelou "Rikki" Montinola is one of the main protagonists of !Oka Tokat.


Born, Richelous Montinola. She studied on a unnamed school located somewhere in Manila.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Rikki has a short hair. She is interested in social things like dresses and gimmiks of her friends. If she is in the investigation, Rikki is the first one to step back because of scary things.


  • “Everything has a reason on earth, even the bad things.”
  • “God will be able to give you enough time to make you ready for your death.”


  • Rica Paralejo is supposed to be cast on Oka2kat as Agot Isidro. However, it dropped.