Corona Catacutan
Age 31
Gender Female
Occupation News Reporter, Spirit Investigator,
Relations Benjie(Brother)
Show Information
Portrayed by Agot Isidro

Rona Catacutan (Born July 20, 1966) is the main protagonist of  !Oka Tokat. Rona was portrayed by actress Agot Isidro. She was described as Tireless and fearless TV news reporter. While chasing her latest assignment, she is double-crossed and captured by unfriendly spirits.


Born Corona Catacutan Del Fierro, Rona Catacutan is born in Manila 1966.  Rona is also a news reporter in Mystery Files. She is also an investigator together with Jack for solving mysteries and problems.  Rico Catacutan is also a psychic.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Rona Catacutan appears as a news reporter. She wears her traditional glasses. Sometimes, she doesn't wear it. Rona wears casual clothes everytime she is tasked to investigate. Rona is sensitive to mysterious things that happened.


  • While Oka2kat is in production, Rico Paralejo was taking the role of Agot Isidro as Rona Catacutan but later on, Rona was not included in the characters of the sequel.